Alright, so I am sure by now almost anyone who has the Droid X,  Droid Incredible, and Droid 2 has gotten there highly talked about Froyo 2.2 update. I personally upgraded my old Droid to the Droid Incredible and couldn’t possibly wait any longer for the OTA update to roll out to my phone. I found the file on the web straight from the Google servers and patiently waited for the update to complete. Once my phone restarted the disappointment started as soon as the 90’s Verizon logo flashed across my home screen. There was promise of better battery life. Better battery life is not the case at all really going at it and using my phone I am lucky if I get two hours out of it. A great app which I recommend to every Android user is Advanced Task Killer. Now here is the thing since I updated my phone, I will go ahead and kill my running apps and less than a minute later I will have about 21 apps running without ever opening anything up. I truly believe Android could be the Superpower over Apple, if they finally get it right. I don’t understand how they take forever to roll out their updates and yet there are still so many bugs with them. My phone is laggy now and the messaging screen likes to freeze. If there was a way to go back to 2.1 I would do it in a heartbeat. I know a lot of people ran into this problem when they finally released the 2.1 update. Well Google please send out a 2.2.5 update to make my phone actually enjoyable again. Thanks….  Real Quick everyone The Skweesh has been inactive for a while do to the unfortunate fatal accidents that happened to the founders ex-girlfriends but now that is done and over with. Check up with us everyday for some of the newest information out there with a touch of humor. Things are going back into full swing you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter. ~SKWEESH~

  1. January 2nd, 2011

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