SamSung Fascinate – It’s helped me forget about my Ex-iPhone.

I bought the Fascinate on release day, September 9th 2010 from my local Best Buy.  Well let me correct myself first. I originally bought the Droid X, then that was to big and traded it in for a Droid Incredible.  That was to small.  Then i traded my Incredible in for the Samsung Fascinate, and after the Best Buy sales rep told me this was my last trade in, i was very please with my purchase.

SamSung Fascinate –

The Samsung Fascinate is the fourth phone in the Samsung Galaxy S line.  With it’s 1GHz Hummingbird Processor and 4.0 Super AMOLED screen, the colors pop and videos look amazing.  Along with that the phone comes preinstalled with Swype.  We’ve all known and come to love swype and the ease it makes texting and any other inputs.  The battery life, let me tell you is just amazing.  I charged it fully overnight, then proceeded to go out for a night of bar hoping and partying. Made a bunch of text and phone calls, foursquare check-ins and facebook / twitter post.  By the end of the night ( at 4 a.m. ) i still had 60% battery life. 60 PERCENT!  My old iPhone 4 couldn’t do that, nor make phone calls half of the time. To say the least, i was damn impressed.  The UI is also impressive.  I’ve loved the live wallpapers since the days of the Nexus One, remember the Nexus One?  Ah memories.

When i started thinking of purchasing the SamSung Fascinate i did a lot of online research on it.  I came across a bunch of articles about how people are all pissed off and mad about how Verizon Wireless ruined this phone.  Everyone was all upset that Verizon had chosen to put Bing as the default search and navigation on the phone instead of the stock android Google search and Maps.  Also to much bloatware on the phone.  Between the Blockbuster app and all that other crap, you had about 3 pages of app crap.  But even with all this bad press i still went ahead with my purchase.  And you know what?  I’m damn happy i did it.  Why?  Well first off you don’t HAVE to use the default Bing search or maps, you can still download Google navigation in the market.  I just threw the Bing search bar in the trash and said whatever.   I don’t know why all these people are giving the phone such bad press and heartache, it’s an awesome phone.   The screen is mind blowing and its zippy as hell, yea i just said zippy.  Did i mention how amazing the battery life was?  That alone should sell you!

SamSung Fascinate – UI

The Samsung Fascinate is running TouchWiz 3.0, Samsungs own multi touch UI interface.  It’s quite quick also.  I’d say right on par with the Droid Incredible and even iPhone.  Samsung threw in its own brand of widgets for Android, including the Daily briefing widget which gives you all your days information  in a handy widget.  You also have the usual Android widgets along with it.  The Super AMOLED screen really makes everything bright and pop. Games videos and websites look great, and the pinch to zoom works flawlessly.  It’s basically and all around beautiful phone.  It’s light and thin and full of pep.

SamSung Fascinate – Camera

In a smartphone world dominated by 8.0 megapixel cameras, the Fascinate comes into the equation with a 5.0 megapixel camera.  Now i know what your thinking, 5.0 megapixels?  Thats it?  For 5.0 megapixels is pretty impressive and shoots nice crisp photos, and the video is 720p HD.  With multiple ways of sharing on your social networks built right into the firmware an an array of effects, the camera is pretty great.

Photos –


SamSung Fascinate – Conclusion

I love this phone.  I’m gonna go on record and say that.  I’ve been an avid user of iPhones since they first came out, and after the iPhone 4 and all of its problems i said ” I’m ove it ” and moved on to Android.  Now i’m not saying that the iPhone is crap or anything, but i just was sick of the same thing over and over again every year and AT&T.  I’m glad i made the switch over, and i think you should to or at least give it a try, it doesn’t hurt.  Don’t listen to all those mad and pissed off consumers, make your own choice.

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  1. Nice viewpoint on the subject. We all appreciate the point of view you were kind enough to impart!

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