So I always swore I would never be that guy sitting in Starbucks drinking a coffee doing something that looks important on my laptop. Well as I sit here in Starbucks drinking a coffee writing this I realized my nightmare has become a reality. I love how the little coffee shop started back in Seattle some 30 years ago have become a breeding ground for social networking and people wanting to feel that they are important. Though Starbucks I tip my hat to you because they caught on right as the whole way we use to surf the net went from the 50 pound desktop we all had that now displays my Star Wars action figure so nicely, to now the extensive use of laptops, tablets, iPad’s etc. It really is the perfect place to get some work done enjoy a 5$ coffee and meet some inspiring actors. Speaking of Tablet’s I am highly anticipating the release of the Samsung Galaxy S tablet, But once again I feel Android will just be just a step behind Apple….again. I would love to sit here and write some more about the coffee house superpower but unfortunately I have to be up at 4 a.m. to work my real job…till tomorrow everyone goodnight


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