PDA-Net. Who would ever pay for phone tethering? Not this guy!

We here at The Skweesh try to be very unbiased and fair when it comes to mobile platforms and brands.  But man Android is just blowing my mind again and again.  Take for instance this new app I came across the other night.  Im sure you’ve all heard of it.  It’s called PDAnet , and let me tell you, it’s pretty amazing.

PDAnet is an Android application that lets you use your phones 3G signal and tether it to your laptop or home computer. For Free! Well there is a paid app version and also a free app version.  I recommend the free app version, cause well…..its free.

I used it today coming home from work on the train, and it worked flawlessly.  It was also quite fast too.  Plus it’s pretty simple to set up and use.  The blue tooth version never worked for me but the USB worked perfectly.  You have to go over to their site [here] and download the software for your computer.  ONce that’s up and running it’s a piece of tethering cake.

I can not recommend this app enough.  I mean if you wanted to have tethering provided to you by your service provider its going to cost you $60 a month. $60! Thats crap, this is free. Download it and buy yourself something nice with that $720 you’ll save a year.  Like an iPad or a HDTV.  What do you guys think? Is it APP or CRAP? Let us know!

Posted by Ryan L. email me with comments or questions to [Ryan@theskweesh.com]

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