QR Codes – The future of mobile scanning.

What is that? Is that some sort of messed up bar code? An alien symbol? Or maybe one of those optical illusions. Nope. It’s a QR Code, now pull your face away from your computer, theres not gonna be any hologram unicorns in this post.  Well maybe.  QR Codes are slowly popping up all over the place, on the web, in magazines and on the sides of businesses.  What used to be used for tracking packages is not being replaced with mobile check-in’s and coupons.

QR Codes – Out of UPS tracking and into our mobile lives.

QR Codes started out as ways for places like UPS and FedEx to easily track packages and keep inventory of them.  Now days everyone from popular magazines to musicians use them.  For things such as downloads and links to websites.  They even go as far as social check-in’s with applications such as the very popular FourSquare and Yelp.  See a code at your favorite restaurant, scan it and let people know all your favorite spots. Another way people are using QR Codes is in the very popular and growing android market.  With either the Google Goggle or Barcode Scanner app, you can scan any QR Code on a site that talks about great Android apps then be redirected right to the app store to download it.  It’s quite a time saver and fun.

QR Codes – How do work?

Check out this sweet info graphic to see how the codes information works.  Basically all the information is stored in certian parts of the code.  Once scanned the device will call on the action being preformed by the code. Like opening up a website link, or downloading a song or an app.

For more information on QR Codes i suggest trying it for your self! Download one of the many barcode scanning apps in either the Apple iPhone App store or the Android Marketplace.  I recommend Google Goggles.  Check it out

Post by Ryan L. email with questions or comments. [Ryan@theskweesh.com]

  1. January 2nd, 2011

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