Big Red at it again

Once again leave it to Verizon Wireless to steal everyone else’s thunder.  First there was Sprint with there 4G network and Verizon is soon to roll out there LTE network which will blow Sprint out of the water. Now AT&T and T-Mobile have there $69.99 unlimited plans which are great if you could actually use there service. Did you really think Verizon would be shown up by them…NO. So now Verizon are testing out there 69.99 unlimited talk and text plans add your given $29.99 a month data plan and your looking at a lot of bang for your buck. Some might say Big Red is scared a tad by Sprint but I highly doubt it. Now we have yet to see this plan roll out other than to a few test markets in L.A. and San Diego, but I have a feeling once that highly speculated Verizon Wireless iPhone and LTE network roll out you might see this plan available everywhere

Post written by Fred A. Email me @

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