SamSung Galaxy Tablet. Can Haz?

Ok, so i loooove my iPad but this thing looks freakin’ sweet.  Samsung held a press conference tonight to debut a couple of fancy new things.  One of those was the Samsung Galaxy tablet.  Ok well, they released it about a month ago. But this time they revealed there will be a WI-FI model….YAY! Lets check out some of the specs after the break.Samsung Galaxy Tablet – Specs

One of the many important specs of any sort of tablet is what kinda of software is it running. Say it with me kiddies, F-R-O-Y-O!!  Yes thats right, the Samsung Galaxy Tablet will ship with everyone’s favorite Android firmware 2.2.  Sporting a sexy ass 7 inch TFT-LCD screen with a front facing camera,BAM! Also a camera on the back, with the ability to make phone calls also, saaay what!? Thats right, this bad ass will be able to make phone calls with video.  Now thats damn amazing.  Adobe Flash 10.1 for mobile.  This thing is starting to sound like an iPad killer isn’t it?

There will be two different models.  The first will be 3G enabled and available on all major carriers.  Later in the year a WIFI model will be available.  Both models will be either 16 or 32 GB storage.  Look for these sexy tablets to be coming out in the next few months for the holiday season.  Check out some more pictures below.

  1. January 2nd, 2011

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