iPhone Google Voice app. Finally!

Ok every one who owns an iPhone and Google Voice can finally rejoice.  Today the the app store was blessed with a (re) official Google voice app. Its pretty fantastic if i have to say so myself.  Read on for more details.  

I dont know if you folks remember way back when but there used to actually be a iPhone app for Google Voice.  But apple said that the app “copied” to closely to the native functions of the iPhone itself.  That was complete crap and Google knew it and took it to court.

I’m gonna go on a limb and say that the new rule and regulations of the app store that Apple just instated gave the open door for a Google Voice iPhone app.

Google Voice App –

There’s the basic functionality of the app.  You can make phone calls with it using your Google voice number.  You can also make texts using your Google Voice number.  Theres a main menu option for your account balance for long distance calls.  One of everyones favorite feature is transcribed voicemails.  It works …. er…. pretty well most of the time.

Besides everything else, this is a big step for Apple, finally letting this app into the app store opens a lot of doors for other developers.  Maybe Apple is finally changing their tunes on apps.  I’m crossing my fingers for flash enabled apps! Please santa jobs! Please!! Have you used the app yet?  What are your thoughts? Let us know!

Google Voice:

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