Goodbye you marketing dinosaurs. Hello Web 2.0

What do you think of when you hear the words, Social Media?  Do you think, uh i have no idea what is that?  It’s ok most people dont really know what social media is really all about these days.  It started off with social networking, like FaceBook and Twitter and Myspace.  Those being some of the big players in the word of social networking and social media.  But what does it all mean, how do people use FaceBook and Twitter for business and profit.  Read on an i’ll explain more.

I’m not sure really where i should begin this story at.  The beginning of social networking or just social media in general.  I think i’ll just stick with social media because social networking goes waaaaaay back to like Friendster years.  That was before my social networking time so lets just flash forward…..oh i miss that show.

Web 2.0 Revolution –

This seems like a good place to start. Web 2.0 is basically the social media revolution into everything we now know.  This whole concept of interaction through web and online was thought up by Tim O’Rilley.  Now i’m not going to get down to the nitty gritty of Web 2.0. If you want to know more just check out this Wiki. I want to get into the uses of social media in business.

Social media in business is still a young concept in todays online business world.  A lot of large companies have started to use it, such as NIke Coca-Cola and Dell.  Dell alone make 6 million dollars alone through such social media outlets like Twitter, by just posting coupons and promotions only to their followers.  Thats a lot of cash. A lot.

Large businesses are using FaceBook and Twitter more an more each day.  Why?  Well the way of the big mean daddy corporation who said “buy our cookies cause their the best” are over.  Business want to know what there customers like and are thinking.  Corporations are using Twitter and FaceBook as their own free R&R department.  What better way to get info on a product you have released then that way.  Also customers loooove to interact with companies, it makes them seem less giant and more mom and pop.  The ways of the old school marketing are dying, yes we still have commercial and billboard adds but for how much longer.  Why pay when you can get all your information and product knowledge from your loyal customers.

Social Media in music –

As an avid musician who toured the country at one point i can tell you social media benefits musicians the most.  Hello MySpace!?  MySpace is where you go if you have a band and want your music out there.  Gone are the days of the mix tape and physical word of mouth.  Long live iTunes and MySpace.  For they are the kings of the way at least i get my music, well and bit torrents but thats a WHOLE other story.

In my opinion the days of CD stores are on their way out.  I think we will always have record stores for the fact of the value of vinyl. But i see the downfall of shopping in stores for music.  Who does that anymore anyways?  Do you?  I mean if your a band today and not on MySpace or now even FaceBook, well no ones listening to you.  You set up your online merch store and tour dates on these site and you dont even need a website anymore.  You keep in touch with fans and promote in one easy area, instead of flyers and hoping the person who put on the show is actually promoting it.

Speaking of website, those in my opinion are on the way out slowly.  Blogs are where its at today, i mean look at you.  Right now your reading out blog instead of a website that will tell you the same thing.  Why is that?  Well we here at the skweesh try to give our stories a fun and personal touch.  Websites like CNN dont do that.  Blogs are a better way for people to get more real information that hasn’t been edited to crap. They can also help you learn how to cook or maybe even laugh.

In conclusion, what do you think?  What are your feeling on social media and web 2.0 becoming the new way to deal with customers. Do you feel its negative or positive?  Let us know.

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