RIP Laptop 1981-2010

Ahh what a lovely Saturday today turned out to be…So it seems as our favorite 7 pound portable notebooks may be fading out due to the new found love for Tablets. I know Best Buy’s CEO has been complaining to Apple saying that the iPad alone is killing there Notebook sales…How bad you ask try 50% wow. Killing is a little harsh to use I would like to more the say technology like the world and people are always evolving (Yes Kansas I said Evolution it is real!). We all saw the short lived life of the Netbook which was a great idea for portability and battery life but the processor was just to slow and not enough memory. Than came along the iPad which is just amazing so crisp, clean and ideal for just about any lifestyle, and now with the release of the Samsung Galaxy Tablet it is safe to say you will see less and less laptops around. This is America we want the best new thing we want it quick, simple, easy and NOW! Do I think the Desktop will ever fade no, there are just too many businesses that just need workhouse speedy machine. Well thats all for now everyone something for you to think about.

Post by Fred A. Email:

  1. January 2nd, 2011

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