Can i just watch my video….PLEASE!?!?

Yesterday we did our weekly post of some of our favorite YouTube videos of the week.  I love viral videos and i love to laugh.  But i realized something, im sick of these add-ons and ads in my favorite youtube videos.  If i’m going to watch a video of a guy dance every single dance since the dawn of time, or an auto tune version of a attempted rape i want to watch it in peace. I love that song in the picture, its hilarious and damn catchy too.  But between the subscribe and buy here and do click this, i can’t enjoy and watch it.  The only one i really am content with popping up is the closed captioning for deaf people.  But other then that lets cut it out with these “ads”.  Yes its not in every video and advertising is how people make their money these days.  But come on.  Let me enjoy my damn video. Please.

I was raised in a house hold that never was concerned about money and monetary things.  We were never influenced by ads and tv commercials.  If we liked something it was because it was a good product and was brought to our attention through word of mouth.  Not through expensive advertising and click throughs. What happened to the days of free clean internet, everywhere i go some one is telling me i need this or i should buy that.  Has this world become so obsessed with Pepsi and Nike that i can’t even watch a video or read an article anymore?  Sorry i got on a rant there.

Back to the point of Youtube videos.  The only thing that i have come across to stop this bombardment of online advertising and subscribe here clicks is a Safari browser add-on. Promptly called ” A cleaner YouTube.”   It gets rid of all the side ads and suggested videos, sadly it doesn’t get rid of the in video ads at all. But its a start.  Sadly I dont use Safari I use Chrome. But its out there and something to check out.

How do you guys feel?  Can you stand the ads and click backs?  Or does it make you wanna throw your laptop across the room?  Let us know.

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