Verizon iPhone is coming, in the Easter Basket?

Um, are you drooling yet.  I know i am and have been for the past four years.  I think about oh lets say millions of Americans have been waiting years and years and years for an iPhone of their own on the nations number one network.  Everybody’s wait might be over, not in time for Santa, but in time for the Easter Bunny….if you still believe in that stuff anyway.

We here at The Skweesh have on good sources that the mythical rumored iPhone for Big Red will be coming out in April.  Not January like everyone else believes. This person in question works for one of the nations largest retail electronic stores.  No its not Apple and no for his sake and job we aren’t going to tell you, but there big and reliable.

Besides the fact of a Verizon iPhone getting all of our blood pumping and our texting fingers aching, here’s the question.  Will you make the ultimate switch?  I know i’m not.  Why?  Well first those early termination fee’s are a bitch.  The second is, i dont think its going to be that great.  I live in the New York City area and i most of the time have great fast 3G speeds with my AT&T iPhone.  Also lets remember what its like to be an early adopter, yea i know the iphone has been out for sometime now but not on a different network.  I’m sure there’s going to be a cavalcade of problems with the phones new chip set and the network…oh the NETWORK is going to be clogged as shit.  Yea Verizon might have the biggest fastest most reliable network on the market but just think what will happen when 8 million Americans on AT&T switch to Verizon.  Then all those Verizon users that have been waiting years for the iphone.  The network will be slow as hell.  But thats fine by me, it will clear up my AT&T network, so go and do it. I WANT YOU TO!


But honestly, will you make the switch?  If you do what are yo most looking forward to about a Verizon iPhone? Let us know!

– Ryan

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