FourSquare…it just keeps getting cooler to stalk.

I love checking in, there’s nothing more fun then letting people i know stalk me.  Foursquare is every one’s favorite geo – location social networking app.  We aren’t going to get all into what it does and how it works.  Or how theres a site devoted to telling people when you not home by your Foursquare check – ins…yea think about that one. But yesterday every ones favorite check – is app got an awesome update.

Today Foursquare got a great new up date.  Not only is there a whole new home screen, but a whole new looking UI, well sorta.  Thats all fine and dandy, but the coolest part of the update is you can now upload photos with your checking in.  Thats goddamn awesome.  So now when i check in to StarBucks i can show you what i’m drinking along with it, like if you really cared!

Pretty nifty huh.  I think so.  This just shows you that Foursquare is committed to making their users happy and loving the app,  I look forward to whats to come.  What do you think of the new update.  Let us know!

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