App Review of the Week: 8mm Vintage VideoCamera


One thing is for sure, I love my iPhone.  The second thing for sure, I love making movies with my iPhone. But i would like my iPhone to be more like, would be like my father’s old 8mm camera.  Being an avid film lover and maker, there was always something nostalgic about 8mm cameras and how they shot.  I always wanted to make some movies with the 8mm, but unless I had a time machine there was no way to do that.  Until now….  ( insert wavy lines here to represent time travel )


Nexvio has produced such a gem called…..well its called 8mm Vintage Camera, easy enough.  This simple little app lets you use a grab bag full of different video effects.  Filters that take you back to the roaring twenties all the way into the disco of the seventies. You can even put yourself back in time with the use of the front facing camera.  Great Scott!  Its simple fun and easy to shoot.  So put on your nostalgic hats and get in the delorean, cause we are going back in time with this app!

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