Samsung Galaxy Player….iPod Touches Arch Nemesis.

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m an Apple fanboy.  But I’ve dabbled in the world of Android and played with the Samsung Galaxy devices.  I’ll be the first to admit it, this music player scares me.  It’s not the 4 – inch 800 x 480 SAMOLED screen that scares me.  It’s the customization.


Ok, ok I know what your thinking.  Yea you can have all these cool fancy widget and such, but its no Retina Display.  To that I say, shut up I love the widgets and the customization.  I know that the iPod has the much larger then Android app store, but come on give it a chance.  You all know you wish you could do a little more then just put a different photo as your home screen background, admit it.  With the Samsung Galaxy player not only can you have VIDEO wallpapers, but an abundance of cool little widgets.  You don’t think they’re that cool until you have them.  Widgets for Facebook and Twitter.  Widgets for weather and contacts.  Oh and did  mention flash?  BOOM! I know your thinking of getting one now, don’t worry I wont tell your iPod touch.  Promise.

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