iPad 2 event. A better chance to embarrass yourself on FaceTime.

Everyone hold on to your seats, and try to hold onto your wallets.  Tomorrow is the big day, the day of the iPad 2.  Are you as excited as I am?  What will be the new bells and whistles on this bad boy?  Lets talk.

We all knew it was coming, but we all thought it would be a lot sooner.  Last year we had the first iPad even in January.  This time around its in March.  Two months off isn’t that bad.  But what will this magical device have this time around.

Well a given is that it will come with two cameras, a front facing one that will continue the every growing FaceTime. Then a back facing camera to show all those special moments, like the babies first steps or your room mate doing his best Epic Meal Time impression.  I love that show, a duck inside a chicken inside a hug pig, yummy.   But here is the big question of the event, Retnia display or not?

Retnia display is a tricky one, on one hand it could be uber, thats right I siad uber expensive.  That doesn’t sit well with Apple, raising prices isn’t really there style.  So I think we are looking more at an HD display with the same amount of pixels but with better resolution.  We will see.

The last note is, will we see a preview of iOS 5?  Apple usually holds it’s iOs event in April, but two events so close to each other doesn’t seem so likely.  They might combine them both, they might not.  I sure hope so.  What do you think?  Let us know.


Ryan L. Ryan@theskweesh.com

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