iPad 2… And here we go again with the antenna!


So here we are again, a new iOS product a new problem. Remember the iPhone antenna problems. Looks like the iPad is having the same problem. Oh happy day. More after the break.

Just like the dreaded iPhone antennagate of 2010, the brand new iPad of 2011 is having similar but different problems. The problem is that the 3g antenna is effecting the audio quality of the iPad’s microphone. This problem is only plaguing the 3G version of the iPad 2 though, Not the wifi version.

The problem is the radio for the 3G antenna, it’s giving off small interference and lowering the quality of the mic’s recording. Can this be fixed by a software update or is this a bigger recal problem. And if it’s a recall problem will apple actually have a recall? You’d have a better shot of finding a briefcase of cocaine. WINNING!!

Maybe apple could finally learn from this and make the new iPhone 5 not have the same problems as the iPhone 4. We can only hope.

  1. I’ve missed your posts! I too hope to catch up a little with my blog–I cannot believe how much snow is already out there! Yikes! Stay cozy.

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