Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. An iPad killer?


The new iPad 2 is awesome, it’s fast and slim and camera packed. The way things are going it’s going to be the king of the tablets. But will it?

But we have seen all the new players in the tablet sphere from the Motorola Xoom and the Blackberry Playbook. But now we have another. The Samsung Galaxy Tablet 2. And it has the potential to be a threat.

Why? Well first let’s talk price. $499. That’s right, just as much as the wifi version of the iPad 2. That’s waaaay cheaper the the Motorola Xoom. It has the potential to be a real competitor. The guts are the same as most other tablets. 1 Ghz processor. Cameras and the whole nine yards. But this price thing is really gonna give the iPad a run for it’s money.

What’s your thoughts?

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