Happy Birthday OS X!! How a Cheetah grew into a Lion.

1o years ago today was a long time ago.  I was just a teenage boy who learned to drive and the city i called home still had its magnificent Twin Towers.  It was a simpler time, before Twitter and Facebook.  Also before iPhones iPads and even iPods.  But a cheetah was born in the wild Silicon Vallies.  One that would change the fate of a company from near disaster to the top of its game.

Happy 10th Birthday OSX!! Lets talk more after the magic show break….

Yes, our baby is growing up, soon it will be driving and off to college. But we still have a few years left, and the best are yet to come.

Back when Apple mostly dealt in the works of building computers, yes they built just computers once, they were known for their amazing UI and software.  But Cheetah changed it all.  And through the years we have seen this lovable cat grown into a soon astounding Lion, that will be released this summer.  An operating system like no other that will incorporate Apples new found baby cat, iOS.

My how this cat has grown, from the confounds of a cage via a desktop computer, to become a free roaming cat in our iPhones and iPads today.  We proudly raise our glass to you OS X, with many more amazing years to come.

Now blow out the candles, you deserve it.

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