Group Messaging on smart phones.


A majority of people out there now days have smart phones.  We use these phones for everything from playing games and directions, to even phone calls and text messaging.  But a new trend is arising and I’m….I’m staying away from it.

Group messaging applications were a huge hit this year at SXSW, but whats the point? Thats right I asked whats the point and big deal with these over night sensations?  I mean i have the 20 dollar unlimited texting plan with AT&T.  It does just fine for me, and it’s only 20 bucks.  ANd the iPhone can do group text messaging, so i just don’t get the point of these apps.

I understand it’s a way to save money, but its only 20 buck a month for a native messaging app.  Are you that cheap? Kidding I love you guys.  But if any one wants to back up these apps, by all means leave a comment and lets debate!


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