The auctioning of Social Media.

Social media is slowly becoming a huge part of  normal marketing campaigns in todays business.  But how far are we willing to go to get those “Likes” and “Followers”? And how ridiculous are some people going to sell them.  Far enough I’m willing to bid on it.

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So in between my looking for vintage Mets T – Shirts and cheap Android phones I stumbled upon a something quite interesting.  There were people selling Facebook Likes and Twitter followers on eBay.  I had to take a second and really look, was this for real?  Would some one actually put something like this up for bid on eBay?  I mean trust me I’ve seen weirder stuff on eBay, like name our baby and whole towns for sale.  But this one peaked my interest.

Would some one actually buy this?  Were they that stupid?  There should be no reason for some one to purchase anything of the sort, you can gain 1,000 likes yourself with hard work and proper campaigning.  This just shows you how for some people will go to make a buck these days.

Even though the bid is only about $17 it’s still $17 more then some one should pay.  Just put that money towards a good PPC and you’ll get more true friends.  I mean who even knows if these likes are even real people or even people you want following your Facebook product.  The purpose of doing your own marketing and advertising is getting true unique likes, people that actually LIKE your product.

So stay clear of this obvious eBay fraud.  If you’ve already purchased it get your money back right away and report these people.

Ryan L.

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