DataDeposit. Back up your iOS data to DropBox

Well I just stumbled upon one heck of a great Cydia app.  Its called Data Deposit and it’s just awesome.

Read on…..

We all know whats happens when you have to swap out your iPhone and you forgot to do a back up, and you just beat that super hard level in Angry Birds. Then you get home and sync your iPhone and you have to start all over again.  I hate that.  So what do you do? Sit there and beat all the levels again?  Throw your phone against the nearest wall? No, you use DataDeposit from the Cydia app store.

DataDeposit backs up all of your iPhone data to the wonderful Dropbox cloud in the sky.  its easy simple and pretty quick ( when your on Wi-Fi).  Once you get your iPhone swapped out or you want to tranfer your data to another iDevice all you have to do is re download DataDeposit back onto your iDevice and hit restore data.  Keep in mind that this all has to be done on a jailbroken device.  So check it out, its  a lot better then throwing your iDevice against a wall…..unless your into iPhone baseball.

Ryan L.

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