Google ChromeBooks – Can Haz?

Well the first keynote at day two of Google I/O is over and it was all about CrhomeBooks.  Thats right Google is getting into the laptop business.

We all remember last year when we first heard about Chromebooks, but nothing really every developed from it. We did get the Cr48, but that was only available to 50,000 people. But now, now everyone gets their own.  ChromeBooks will come to you through two companies, Samsung and Acer.

Start up is in 8 seconds, and everything you do is based in the cloud, so everything is always in sync. They also come pre installed with the Google Chrome app store.  Another plus is there will be web apps and way to interact with all of your media.  Its a pretty big deal.

Starting June 15th we will see these bad boys in BEst Buys all around the world.  Stay Tuned!

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