So what about Apple? Are they screwed now?

Today was day 2 of Googles big I/O conference, and they had an impressive keynote all about Googles new OS and Chrome Books.  Taking Google out of the search and mobile business into the personal computer business.  Against the worlds two biggest companies, Apple and Microsoft.  Apple being the plain winner in recent years in the personal computer and mobile industry.  But with all the amazing things that have come out of this two day conference the questions is, what’s Apple going to do about this?  Lets read on for more.

Ok I’ll be the first to admit, I’m a huge Apple fan boy.  I have a great macbook and I’ve had the iPhone since it first came out, and same with the iPad.  I love them, they are beautiful and work oh so well.  But as of recently my heart has been swaying to a different side of the tech and mobile world.  I still have my MacBook, but I now have an Android phone.  Honestly besides no Instagram, I enjoy the phone.  Free syncing of all of my info and apps, and now the ability to stream all my music either from Amazon or the soon to be available Google Music, whats not to love?

And now we have ChromeBooks, Googles very own version of the Netbook.  Apple, watch out.  This thing looks amazing on the out side, and whats very little on the inside.  The first completely web based, cloud based computer.  As soon as it boots up, in 8 seconds i might add your ready to go.  All your stuff is right there in front of you all saved in Googles cloud and easy to sync with other computers.  I simply can not wait to get one.

Now Apple, what are you going to do about this?  I’m going to try not to rant on Apple but, yous iOS has been the same for 4 years now, update it.  AS for your “services” Your Mobile Me is just plain an simple garbage, for $99 a year i might add.  Also now your dead last on the music streaming service, come on! It upsets me.  Being a huge Apple fan boy, i feel like you are just becoming an old grumpy out of date piece of hardware.  Get with the times! We are moving up and into the cloud while you are still working out the antenna tweaks on your phones and now iPads.  The one thing you have going for you is pure beauty, everything you put out is a work of art, not some boxy PC like we see everywhere else.  But just the the popular girl in high school, being pretty will only last so long and get you so far.  So get on board, look up at those clouds and jump in! Please? I want an iPhone 5 with a better OS new notifications and based in the cloud.  But just like love of the NY Mets, I feel i’ll just be left feeling disappointed.

Whats are you r thoughts? Comment and let us know!

Ryan L.

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