Hey Apple! What are you planning??

The big question on a lot of Apple fanboys and fangirls mins is, what is Apple planning for this weekend?  There have been a lot of rumors floating around on the interwebs about something being released at the Apple retail store this week in celebration of the 10th anniversary of Apple retail.  But  the question on everyones mind is what?  Lets read on to find out….

What could it be?  Well it’s way to early for iPhone 5, and it can’t be another iPad.  What about a macbook refresh?  Maybe some sweet new software? Nah.  The Boy Genius Report and Mashable are both speculating in store NFC payment systems.  Which would further help with the rumor of the next generation iPhone will sport sweet new NFC capabilities.  All we know so far is that the new hardware is under lock and key and all the Apple Store employees have singed a NDA making sure they wont tell.

We will find out this weekend.  Stay Tuned!

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