Twitter reportedly buys TweetDeck.

One of our favorite Twitter and social networking companies was recently acquired by Twitter for a reported 40 million dollars.  TweetDeck, the super popular Twitter and social networking app, has been a front page app for us for a long time.  But now it has become one of the official apps for Twitter.  Is this a good or a bad thing?  Read on for more…

We all remember Tweetie 2, the super clean super awesome Twitter app made by atebits, which was purchased by Twitter and made into the official Twitter client for iPhone.  Now as good as this was for Atebits, it was kind of a bummer for its users. Twitter now had complete control over the app and how it was produced. We all remember the horrible #dickbar incident that was quickly killed off after much complaint from its users.

So what does Twitter have in store for TweetDeck.  We finally got a really good version of TweetDeck, after a few months of no good FaceBook integration and  crashing.  Now we just have to wait and see what Twitter has in store for TweetDeck, hopefully it wont completely ruin and change it around.  I really like that pinch feature, don’t you?

On a personal thought note I jut want to say even though the Official Twitter app is great, I’m more a fan of third party Twitter apps, my favorite right now is one called TweetBot, made by the same people that make Calcbot and Weighbot.  The UI is awesome and the sounds here and there just make it.  Also I prefer third party apps better, because you get a complete different experience and feel and thought from a different view.  What do you think?  What’s one of you favorite third party Twitter apps? Let us know.

Ryan L. Ryan

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