WIndows 7 mobile gets fruity with Mangooo!!

 Today was Microsofts Windows Mobile event, and as a result we get the mighty Mango.  Its bursting with some over 500 sweet new additions.  Including some awesome and speedy improvements to IE 9.  The new browser will work better with new websites utilizing HTML 5.

Some other great features are better integration with users social networks and email accounts.  Also the introduction of new Bing search apps such as, Local Scout.  Which will let users take advantage of the location data and find new and great things around them, all with out typing a word.

It looks like Windows mobile is finally catching up with the rest of the mobile industry world.  But to bad this update wont hit the phones till this autumn.  Which doesnt make sense, seeing as how Mangos aren’t in season during the fall months.  Hmmm, oh well.

Ryan L.

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