Torrenting and you. Is it wrong to be a pirate?

So today we are going to throw you guys ( and gals ) a little moral question.  To torrent or to not torrent? That is our question for you today.  Do you feel wrong or even scared about torrenting?  Does it bring up an inner conflict or do you sail the open torrent seas as a bit torrent pirate? Read on for more….

Remember the good ol’ days of Napster?  Those were awesome times right?  All the free music you could handle…..and then boom, it was all taken away but some pissed off little troll named Lars Ulrich.  After his stance against the idea of people not filling his wallet we now have huge fines and laws against people who download free music.  And there are a lot of people out there who say, “well they work hard for it so we should pay them.”  You know what i say to that, “shut up!”  Yes musicians work hard to make that awesome, and sometimes horrible music, but as a former musician I still feel it should be free.  Or at least i shouldn’t get a letter in the mail from my cable provider saying they know I downloaded music.  Right? Or am I alone here?  I know that a lot of musicians now days are offering their music online for free download, take for example Radiohead.  They put there music out and you paid what ever you felt necessary.  I like that better actually, because if you write a horrible song, I should have the option to only pay one cent for it.

These are my thoughts, but what are your thoughts?  Should music be free to download and share, or should we have to fill the pockets of greedy corporate executives?  Also if you do download, what do you use?  I used demonoid and uTorrent.

Ryan L.

    • brian
    • May 25th, 2011

    Sharing intellectual property just doesn’t align with trying to steal things from a department store in my opinion, although currently they basically fall into the same category as far as the law is concerned. Lars Ulrich was only pissed because he knew once Metallica release St. Anger that no one would ever pay money to listen to them again. And rightfully so.

  1. Best. Comment. Ever.

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