Google E-Wallet. Wallet of the Future.

Today Google announced its new venture into our pockets.  The Google E – Wallet is a brand new way to use your phone.  Now you can pay for things with it instead of carrying around a wallet.  Can you hear all the identity thieves just yelling for joy? Read on for more …

Today made an announcement of its brand new Android invention, the Google E – Wallet.  Coming this summer to an android phone near you.  The basic of it is, it’s a wallet on your phone.  So all your credit card and bank cars will now work wonderfully with your android phone and any Mastercard pay station, assuming you have a Mastercard or a Google card.  Thats right Google is getting into the payment industry.

I will say i was a little worried reading about this, why? Well because think about it, all your super important personal money information is now all on your phone. So if you lose that phone or get it stolen your sorta screwed.  Well dont worry Google has you covered on that also.  To use the payment app you have to enter in you own personal pin number.  Also not all of the card information is in the card app, just the pin and picture of said card.  All the other important info is encrypted safely on one of Google’s servers.  I’m sure a lot of you are saying, “oh awesome now not only does Google have all my search history info, but now it has my credit card info to!” To those people i say, “Uh google checkout, duh!”

I think this a great step forward in mobile technology and e – commerce.  We are taking the next step forward to completely rid our lives of useless plastic and into the e – commerce of the future.  Also getting rid of all that plastic is super green, right?

For more info check out Googles wallet page.

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