OlloClip. Bringing professional lenses to the iPhone.


The new iPhone 4S has one of the best cameras out there on the market now. Hands down.  With the updates they have done to the lenses and upgraded to an 8 mega pixel camera, the iPhone’s camera is hard to beat.  But its missing some things, great professional camera lenses.  To keep the slimness of the iPhones frame we lose out on changeable lenses.  But a great product has come out to help with this certain situation.  The OlloClip, and we got a chance to play with it.

 Here’s one of the photo’s I shot with the OlloClip on my iPhone 4S right after a snow storm.  Using the fish eye lens, and it came out great, professional quality.  It can really give your photos that unique look to them.  And I love it.  This tiny half metal half plastic and glass is 100% awesome and extremely light.  It comes with lens covers and a nice little carrying couch.

As far as getting it on and off, it couldn’t be any easier.  Instead of adding a bulky case, you just slip this little bad boy over the top of the iPhone near the sleep / wake button.  Remarkably easy to get on and off.  The one down fall is you can’t use it over a case, so those with butter fingers need not apply.

 And finally here is a shot of the Macro lens that lets you get in nice and tight for some great detail shots.

The OlloClip cost about $79.99 and is a great buy  or  a great gift for an avid iPhone photographer.  Check it out!

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