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Instagram gets a nice little update.

One of the most popular iPhone photo apps out there got a nice little upgrade today.  Instagram, and iPhone app that lets users upload photos and add fun quirky filters to them, updated to a newer version today.  The update included a new UI enhancements and a brand new filter,Sierra.  Also along with these updates and new filters come the ability to lighten up photos after taking them, right in the editing part of the app.

Instagram is a wonderful app, and is one of my absolute favorite apps on the iPhone hands down.  Instagram has really changed the way we share and edit photos on the iPhone.  The new update pushes the app forward in the iPhone stratosphere and into the sky with some of the best apps out there.  We highly recommend picking it up in the App Store for free.

Ryan L. 


Path: Why I left Facebook for it.

Path ddd  I love Social Networking.  It’s one of my favorite things to do on the internet.  And now days it one of my favorite things to do on my smartphone. My favorite one of them all was FaceBook.  Do you see what I said there, was, as in past tense.  I loved Facebook up until the whole new Timeline and updated iOS app update.  Now it’s become such a hassle i can’t even use the app anymore.

But then i found this little red social networking app called Path, and it changed my social networking life, from a Facebooker to a Pather.

Lets see what this Path is all about….

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Sparrow Mail. An awesome mac mail client gets an awesome update.

The mail client for Mac is pretty great and full features.  But for some people who don’t like all the fuss and mess and prefer something clean, Sparrow fits perfectly as your new mail client.  Read on for more …. Continue reading

Torrenting and you. Is it wrong to be a pirate?

So today we are going to throw you guys ( and gals ) a little moral question.  To torrent or to not torrent? That is our question for you today.  Do you feel wrong or even scared about torrenting?  Does it bring up an inner conflict or do you sail the open torrent seas as a bit torrent pirate? Read on for more….

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Twitter reportedly buys TweetDeck.

One of our favorite Twitter and social networking companies was recently acquired by Twitter for a reported 40 million dollars.  TweetDeck, the super popular Twitter and social networking app, has been a front page app for us for a long time.  But now it has become one of the official apps for Twitter.  Is this a good or a bad thing?  Read on for more…

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12 million tweets an hour over Osama Bin Ladens death.

 Yesterday was a day that will go down in history, the death of the terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden.  This day was 10 years in the making and justice for those who lost some one in the 9/11 tragedy.  It was also a hectic day on Twitter to.  12 million tweets an hour were tweeted between the announcement of Osamas death and President Obamas speech.

Thats a lot of chirping, but this is the reason Twitter is around.  Where where you when you found out the news?  Did you find out on Twitter and did you tweet yourself when you found out?  I was at Starbucks, like always, and i found out through a text then tweeted right away.  What about you?
Ryan L. 

The auctioning of Social Media.

Social media is slowly becoming a huge part of  normal marketing campaigns in todays business.  But how far are we willing to go to get those “Likes” and “Followers”? And how ridiculous are some people going to sell them.  Far enough I’m willing to bid on it.

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