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My new obsession: Tiny Wings

I’ll admit it, I love this game. Tiny Wings is my new Angry Birds, cute birds with out the pissed off feeling.

Take one cute little bird with dense bones and a huge heart, and help him fly.  Its’s a simple enough game.  You just have to help this little guy get off the ground by swooping down and up big hills.  The graphics are amazing and the rewards are to.  CUTE LITTLE NEST!! Something i can add to my fictional Foursquare badges. Play it.


New Website!!


Check it out everyone.  We just started a brand new website devoted to the art of Unboxings!


Click on the image to check out the site.  We will be bringing you daily updates with the newest and coolest unboxing in the tech world!

We also would love to host your unboxings too! So sen us some to and we will get them up there!.

Please excuse the messyness of the site, we are still working on it.  Enjoy!

Angry Birds Rio out now.


A brand new bird swinging adventure is out in the Apple app store. Angry Birds Rio is now out and it’s a whole new adventure. Based around the upcoming movie Rio, this adventure takes the birds right into the movies action.

The bird have been captured and have to rescue the other trapped birds. I have to say this new Angry Birds game really revamps the brand for me. I was starting to get over the whole Angry Bird thing. But this games has awesome graphics and great new levels. It also brings new challenges and things to unlock.

I highly recommend it. Out now for iPhones and iPod touches and also in HD for iPads. Enjoy!!

EA it may be in your Android Phone

Quick hit here….EA is said to start supporting Android Games. This is great news to Android phone owners, As one myself I have nothing but praises to say about the OS. But when it comes to the games available in the market…pitiful they look like a Kindergarten class created them. So finally now we don’t have to spend another night playing “4 Dots” or the great hit title “Bible Time!” We recently got the addition of Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja but I am sorry they do not satisfy my mobile gaming fix. I do credit the recent growth of Android and their Market to get this sign on. So I know I am highly anticipating the release of these games just as much as everyone else. Next on the app To-Do list NETFLIX!!! PLEASE!

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