QR Codes – The future of mobile scanning.

What is that? Is that some sort of messed up bar code? An alien symbol? Or maybe one of those optical illusions. Nope. It’s a QR Code, now pull your face away from your computer, theres not gonna be any hologram unicorns in this post.  Well maybe.  QR Codes are slowly popping up all over the place, on the web, in magazines and on the sides of businesses.  What used to be used for tracking packages is not being replaced with mobile check-in’s and coupons.

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Hit The Cell

Ok so HTC mixing it up today in the tech blog world today. Oh for the record up until about a year ago I only knew of HTC as an acronym for Hit The Cell it actually means….High Tech Computer Corp of Taiwan lame. Regardless First off HTC is now stating they are switching all Droid Incredible screens from AMOLED to a SLCD, due to the high battery drain from the AMOLED. This should roll out to the new devices being shipped late September. This is great news for anyone waiting to buy the Incredible, and really crappy news to certain people who just bought one like me….. Oh well I would have to believe that Verizon or HTC will do something to get us the new products I hope.

Second in line of HTC news tomorrow they will be having a press conference in London 7am east coast time to most likely announce some new exciting amazing device EVO for Verizon anyone? If you haven’t checked out the leaked pictures yet see them here http://www.boygeniusreport.com/nggallery/page-320/album-1/gallery-57/ Courtesy of BGR.Com

Is streaming video enjoyable enough to watch?

We all love Youtube and Hulu.  But is watching streaming video really better then throwing on the good ol’ boob tube?  With the soon to come Google TV and Boxee paired up with our fast home wireless routers, maybe the answer is yes.  How much you want for your old TV?  I have some scenes from The Matrix i wanna remake.

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SamSung Fascinate – It’s helped me forget about my Ex-iPhone.

I bought the Fascinate on release day, September 9th 2010 from my local Best Buy.  Well let me correct myself first. I originally bought the Droid X, then that was to big and traded it in for a Droid Incredible.  That was to small.  Then i traded my Incredible in for the Samsung Fascinate, and after the Best Buy sales rep told me this was my last trade in, i was very please with my purchase.

SamSung Fascinate –

The Samsung Fascinate is the fourth phone in the Samsung Galaxy S line.  With it’s 1GHz Hummingbird Processor and 4.0 Super AMOLED screen, the colors pop and videos look amazing.  Along with that the phone comes preinstalled with Swype.  We’ve all known and come to love swype and the ease it makes texting and any other inputs.  The battery life, let me tell you is just amazing.  I charged it fully overnight, then proceeded to go out for a night of bar hoping and partying. Made a bunch of text and phone calls, foursquare check-ins and facebook / twitter post.  By the end of the night ( at 4 a.m. ) i still had 60% battery life. 60 PERCENT!  My old iPhone 4 couldn’t do that, nor make phone calls half of the time. To say the least, i was damn impressed.  The UI is also impressive.  I’ve loved the live wallpapers since the days of the Nexus One, remember the Nexus One?  Ah memories.

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So I always swore I would never be that guy sitting in Starbucks drinking a coffee doing something that looks important on my laptop. Well as I sit here in Starbucks drinking a coffee writing this I realized my nightmare has become a reality. I love how the little coffee shop started back in Seattle some 30 years ago have become a breeding ground for social networking and people wanting to feel that they are important. Though Starbucks I tip my hat to you because they caught on right as the whole way we use to surf the net went from the 50 pound desktop we all had that now displays my Star Wars action figure so nicely, to now the extensive use of laptops, tablets, iPad’s etc. It really is the perfect place to get some work done enjoy a 5$ coffee and meet some inspiring actors. Speaking of Tablet’s I am highly anticipating the release of the Samsung Galaxy S tablet, But once again I feel Android will just be just a step behind Apple….again. I would love to sit here and write some more about the coffee house superpower but unfortunately I have to be up at 4 a.m. to work my real job…till tomorrow everyone goodnight


Alright, so I am sure by now almost anyone who has the Droid X,  Droid Incredible, and Droid 2 has gotten there highly talked about Froyo 2.2 update. I personally upgraded my old Droid to the Droid Incredible and couldn’t possibly wait any longer for the OTA update to roll out to my phone. I found the file on the web straight from the Google servers and patiently waited for the update to complete. Once my phone restarted the disappointment started as soon as the 90’s Verizon logo flashed across my home screen. There was promise of better battery life. Better battery life is not the case at all really going at it and using my phone I am lucky if I get two hours out of it. A great app which I recommend to every Android user is Advanced Task Killer. Now here is the thing since I updated my phone, I will go ahead and kill my running apps and less than a minute later I will have about 21 apps running without ever opening anything up. I truly believe Android could be the Superpower over Apple, if they finally get it right. I don’t understand how they take forever to roll out their updates and yet there are still so many bugs with them. My phone is laggy now and the messaging screen likes to freeze. If there was a way to go back to 2.1 I would do it in a heartbeat. I know a lot of people ran into this problem when they finally released the 2.1 update. Well Google please send out a 2.2.5 update to make my phone actually enjoyable again. Thanks….  Real Quick everyone The Skweesh has been inactive for a while do to the unfortunate fatal accidents that happened to the founders ex-girlfriends but now that is done and over with. Check up with us everyday for some of the newest information out there with a touch of humor. Things are going back into full swing you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter. ~SKWEESH~

Welcome to the Skweesh!

Welcome to the Skweesh!  This is a website dedicated to the wonderful world of tech and technological things.  From computers to mobile devices.  We’ll cover it all.

Unlike other blog sites, we are a very personal one.  Everything you see, we do ourselves.  Fro testing an playing with new toys, to fun ideas.  I hope you join us on this ride.  Stay tuned in the next couple of weeks!

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