Torrenting and you. Is it wrong to be a pirate?

So today we are going to throw you guys ( and gals ) a little moral question.  To torrent or to not torrent? That is our question for you today.  Do you feel wrong or even scared about torrenting?  Does it bring up an inner conflict or do you sail the open torrent seas as a bit torrent pirate? Read on for more….

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Twitter reportedly buys TweetDeck.

One of our favorite Twitter and social networking companies was recently acquired by Twitter for a reported 40 million dollars.  TweetDeck, the super popular Twitter and social networking app, has been a front page app for us for a long time.  But now it has become one of the official apps for Twitter.  Is this a good or a bad thing?  Read on for more…

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WIndows 7 mobile gets fruity with Mangooo!!

 Today was Microsofts Windows Mobile event, and as a result we get the mighty Mango.  Its bursting with some over 500 sweet new additions.  Including some awesome and speedy improvements to IE 9.  The new browser will work better with new websites utilizing HTML 5.

Some other great features are better integration with users social networks and email accounts.  Also the introduction of new Bing search apps such as, Local Scout.  Which will let users take advantage of the location data and find new and great things around them, all with out typing a word.

It looks like Windows mobile is finally catching up with the rest of the mobile industry world.  But to bad this update wont hit the phones till this autumn.  Which doesnt make sense, seeing as how Mangos aren’t in season during the fall months.  Hmmm, oh well.

Ryan L.

Hey Apple! What are you planning??

The big question on a lot of Apple fanboys and fangirls mins is, what is Apple planning for this weekend?  There have been a lot of rumors floating around on the interwebs about something being released at the Apple retail store this week in celebration of the 10th anniversary of Apple retail.  But  the question on everyones mind is what?  Lets read on to find out….

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So what about Apple? Are they screwed now?

Today was day 2 of Googles big I/O conference, and they had an impressive keynote all about Googles new OS and Chrome Books.  Taking Google out of the search and mobile business into the personal computer business.  Against the worlds two biggest companies, Apple and Microsoft.  Apple being the plain winner in recent years in the personal computer and mobile industry.  But with all the amazing things that have come out of this two day conference the questions is, what’s Apple going to do about this?  Lets read on for more.

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Google ChromeBooks – Can Haz?

Well the first keynote at day two of Google I/O is over and it was all about CrhomeBooks.  Thats right Google is getting into the laptop business.

We all remember last year when we first heard about Chromebooks, but nothing really every developed from it. We did get the Cr48, but that was only available to 50,000 people. But now, now everyone gets their own.  ChromeBooks will come to you through two companies, Samsung and Acer.

Start up is in 8 seconds, and everything you do is based in the cloud, so everything is always in sync. They also come pre installed with the Google Chrome app store.  Another plus is there will be web apps and way to interact with all of your media.  Its a pretty big deal.

Starting June 15th we will see these bad boys in BEst Buys all around the world.  Stay Tuned!

Google I/O Day Two – Chrome

Today is day 2 of Google’s I/O conference and we are  super excited to see what we get today.  Today it’s all about Chrome. The super fast web browser and upcoming OS system.  What does Google have in store today for all of us? Stay tuned to find out!

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