Who wants an Ice Cream Sandwich?

Last but not least Google has announced an new version of the Android OS due out in Q4.  Named Ice Cream Sandwich, this operating system is the one we have all been looking forward to.  Why?  Well this operating system will work on all Android powered devices.  That means less fragmentation and more fun!

Expect this baby out in Q4.


Google Music, your own personal locker.

Shhhh….do you hear that?  Thats the sound of Steve Jobs cursing up a storm.  Why?  Well because two companies have now beaten Apple to the music streaming punch.  First it was Amazon now it’s Google.  Google has just put out its own music streaming app and site to beta testers.  You can basically upload all of your music to the locker via your computer, then stream it right down to your phone or tablet.  Best part is, for beta users it’s free and you get to store 20,000 songs.  Thats a lot of Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch!

Google Android movie rentals.

One of our first yummy new Google products is Google Movies!

Really excited about this one.  You can now rent movies right onto your Android phone or tablet, and you have up to 24 hours to watch them.  Look out Apple iTunes store, looks like you have something to worry about!

It is up live now over at market.android.com Go check it out!

Google I/O is toady, and we expect some big releases!

Today is Googles big I/O conference and we expect to see some big new things! We are 45 minutes underway already and some great things have all ready happened.  Stay tuned for more news and details! Here at The Skweesh!

A little gravity fun on a Tuesday afternoon.

Just a little fun on a slow Tuesday afternoon.  One of my favorite little jailbroken apps on the iPhone called Graviboard.  It basically lets you jumble your icons around on your iPhone and play around with you fingers.  It’s just a simple fun app for your iPhone.  Available for $2.99 in the Cydia app store.  Check it out!

Ryan L. Ryan@theskweesh.com

DataDeposit. Back up your iOS data to DropBox

Well I just stumbled upon one heck of a great Cydia app.  Its called Data Deposit and it’s just awesome.

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The Galaxy S Wi-Fi. Androids answer to the iPod

 Samsung has rebranded their future line of Smartplayers.  What was formally known as the Samsung Galaxy Player has now been renamed the Samsung Galaxy S Wi-Fi.  The most popular Android based device with a rising OS is a stiff competitor to the Apple iPod Touch. As for the Zune….the what?

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