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Google E-Wallet. Wallet of the Future.

Today Google announced its new venture into our pockets.  The Google E – Wallet is a brand new way to use your phone.  Now you can pay for things with it instead of carrying around a wallet.  Can you hear all the identity thieves just yelling for joy? Read on for more …

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So what about Apple? Are they screwed now?

Today was day 2 of Googles big I/O conference, and they had an impressive keynote all about Googles new OS and Chrome Books.  Taking Google out of the search and mobile business into the personal computer business.  Against the worlds two biggest companies, Apple and Microsoft.  Apple being the plain winner in recent years in the personal computer and mobile industry.  But with all the amazing things that have come out of this two day conference the questions is, what’s Apple going to do about this?  Lets read on for more.

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Who wants an Ice Cream Sandwich?

Last but not least Google has announced an new version of the Android OS due out in Q4.  Named Ice Cream Sandwich, this operating system is the one we have all been looking forward to.  Why?  Well this operating system will work on all Android powered devices.  That means less fragmentation and more fun!

Expect this baby out in Q4.

Google I/O is toady, and we expect some big releases!

Today is Googles big I/O conference and we expect to see some big new things! We are 45 minutes underway already and some great things have all ready happened.  Stay tuned for more news and details! Here at The Skweesh!

The Galaxy S Wi-Fi. Androids answer to the iPod

 Samsung has rebranded their future line of Smartplayers.  What was formally known as the Samsung Galaxy Player has now been renamed the Samsung Galaxy S Wi-Fi.  The most popular Android based device with a rising OS is a stiff competitor to the Apple iPod Touch. As for the Zune….the what?

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Amazon Cloud Drive. Music and more in the cloud.

Amazon is taking on Apple, in a big way.  They are launching a user cloud system for music, pictures, documents and more.  Looks like they beat them to the “Locker” punch.

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Amazon appstore lets you test drive the apps. On a real Android phone.

So most of us over here at The Skweesh own iPhones.  This autor also has a real love for Android phones, and the just complete different end of the spectrum.  I also love the games and the widgets.  But unfortunately I’m not paying to switch.

As we know Amazon just released it’s own version of the app store with apps to download right to your phone.  But Amazon has done something awesome, really freaking awesome.

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