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Sparrow Mail. An awesome mac mail client gets an awesome update.

The mail client for Mac is pretty great and full features.  But for some people who don’t like all the fuss and mess and prefer something clean, Sparrow fits perfectly as your new mail client.  Read on for more …. Continue reading


Happy Birthday OS X!! How a Cheetah grew into a Lion.

1o years ago today was a long time ago.  I was just a teenage boy who learned to drive and the city i called home still had its magnificent Twin Towers.  It was a simpler time, before Twitter and Facebook.  Also before iPhones iPads and even iPods.  But a cheetah was born in the wild Silicon Vallies.  One that would change the fate of a company from near disaster to the top of its game.

Happy 10th Birthday OSX!! Lets talk more after the magic show break….

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Mac App store. There goes the rest of my iTunes gift card.

January 6Th. A day we Mac users will never forget. That’s the day Apple will take it super successful App Store and bring it to the Mac OS.  I can’t wait, but im sure my bank account can.  But what will it offer? Let’s take a look.

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