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Google E-Wallet. Wallet of the Future.

Today Google announced its new venture into our pockets.  The Google E – Wallet is a brand new way to use your phone.  Now you can pay for things with it instead of carrying around a wallet.  Can you hear all the identity thieves just yelling for joy? Read on for more …

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WIndows 7 mobile gets fruity with Mangooo!!

 Today was Microsofts Windows Mobile event, and as a result we get the mighty Mango.  Its bursting with some over 500 sweet new additions.  Including some awesome and speedy improvements to IE 9.  The new browser will work better with new websites utilizing HTML 5.

Some other great features are better integration with users social networks and email accounts.  Also the introduction of new Bing search apps such as, Local Scout.  Which will let users take advantage of the location data and find new and great things around them, all with out typing a word.

It looks like Windows mobile is finally catching up with the rest of the mobile industry world.  But to bad this update wont hit the phones till this autumn.  Which doesnt make sense, seeing as how Mangos aren’t in season during the fall months.  Hmmm, oh well.

Ryan L.

Facebook event check – in’s. Check – in to events now…..creep.


Facebook’s uber popular social iPhone and Android app is soon to get a new added feature. The ability to check in to events besides just checking in to locations.

This is a great new feature for event promotes. Giving them promotion through event attendees social networks. Facebook is great at expanding their great apps functions to integrate more with people’s social lives.

Geo – location is a huge topic in today’s application world. With such mega moguls like FourSquare and Gowalla, Facebook is coming up strong in the social check in field.

As an avid event goer I look forward to this new feature that will be released in the next iPhone update, and soon to the Android OS.

Angry Birds Rio out now.


A brand new bird swinging adventure is out in the Apple app store. Angry Birds Rio is now out and it’s a whole new adventure. Based around the upcoming movie Rio, this adventure takes the birds right into the movies action.

The bird have been captured and have to rescue the other trapped birds. I have to say this new Angry Birds game really revamps the brand for me. I was starting to get over the whole Angry Bird thing. But this games has awesome graphics and great new levels. It also brings new challenges and things to unlock.

I highly recommend it. Out now for iPhones and iPod touches and also in HD for iPads. Enjoy!!

Nexus S. Not again. Please.

As some of you may know, I have what you call a “problem”.  I love tech and mobile phones to much.  And the ones I love the most are the ones from the Nexus line.  I had the Nexus One when it was first released.  Then I went back to iPhone, then back to Nexus One and then back to iPhone.  Now come a year later I have a feeling i’m going to go into remission with the new Nexus S.

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Verizon iPhone is coming, in the Easter Basket?

Um, are you drooling yet.  I know i am and have been for the past four years.  I think about oh lets say millions of Americans have been waiting years and years and years for an iPhone of their own on the nations number one network.  Everybody’s wait might be over, not in time for Santa, but in time for the Easter Bunny….if you still believe in that stuff anyway.

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iPhone Google Voice app. Finally!

Ok every one who owns an iPhone and Google Voice can finally rejoice.  Today the the app store was blessed with a (re) official Google voice app. Its pretty fantastic if i have to say so myself.  Read on for more details.   Continue reading

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