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Google E-Wallet. Wallet of the Future.

Today Google announced its new venture into our pockets.  The Google E – Wallet is a brand new way to use your phone.  Now you can pay for things with it instead of carrying around a wallet.  Can you hear all the identity thieves just yelling for joy? Read on for more …

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Mac App store. There goes the rest of my iTunes gift card.

January 6Th. A day we Mac users will never forget. That’s the day Apple will take it super successful App Store and bring it to the Mac OS.  I can’t wait, but im sure my bank account can.  But what will it offer? Let’s take a look.

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Twitter – Are you ready for a new bird?

Twitter. One of the online worlds biggest websites out there for social media.  We all know how it works 140 characters or less to tell the world what your thinking at that point.  Well Twitter is getting ready to update their site and it sure looks awesome.

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