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Google E-Wallet. Wallet of the Future.

Today Google announced its new venture into our pockets.  The Google E – Wallet is a brand new way to use your phone.  Now you can pay for things with it instead of carrying around a wallet.  Can you hear all the identity thieves just yelling for joy? Read on for more …

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Even more iPhone Verizon Unicorns.

Just a couple of weeks after our post about the Verizon iPhone, we get even more conformation that its coming.  More after the break.

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Nexus S. Not again. Please.

As some of you may know, I have what you call a “problem”.  I love tech and mobile phones to much.  And the ones I love the most are the ones from the Nexus line.  I had the Nexus One when it was first released.  Then I went back to iPhone, then back to Nexus One and then back to iPhone.  Now come a year later I have a feeling i’m going to go into remission with the new Nexus S.

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