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Path: Why I left Facebook for it.

Path ddd  I love Social Networking.  It’s one of my favorite things to do on the internet.  And now days it one of my favorite things to do on my smartphone. My favorite one of them all was FaceBook.  Do you see what I said there, was, as in past tense.  I loved Facebook up until the whole new Timeline and updated iOS app update.  Now it’s become such a hassle i can’t even use the app anymore.

But then i found this little red social networking app called Path, and it changed my social networking life, from a Facebooker to a Pather.

Lets see what this Path is all about….

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The auctioning of Social Media.

Social media is slowly becoming a huge part of  normal marketing campaigns in todays business.  But how far are we willing to go to get those “Likes” and “Followers”? And how ridiculous are some people going to sell them.  Far enough I’m willing to bid on it.

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Goodbye you marketing dinosaurs. Hello Web 2.0

What do you think of when you hear the words, Social Media?  Do you think, uh i have no idea what is that?  It’s ok most people dont really know what social media is really all about these days.  It started off with social networking, like FaceBook and Twitter and Myspace.  Those being some of the big players in the word of social networking and social media.  But what does it all mean, how do people use FaceBook and Twitter for business and profit.  Read on an i’ll explain more. Continue reading

Twitter – Are you ready for a new bird?

Twitter. One of the online worlds biggest websites out there for social media.  We all know how it works 140 characters or less to tell the world what your thinking at that point.  Well Twitter is getting ready to update their site and it sure looks awesome.

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