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Clear: Your new To-Do App for iPhone

I’m a procrastinator, and i’m man enough to admit it.  I forget to do projects or sometimes i just forget to send out that email or make that phone call.  So it’s not surprising that I jumped at the chance to download and use the brand new to-do app for iPhone called Clear.  Its like the coolest most fun to-do app out there right now and i absolutely love it.  Lets take a look deeper into the app to see why this 99 cent app is going to be the next big thing.

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“Dont worry, i’m not going anywhere!”

Did you hear that?  That was the sound of my heart breaking.Why?  Well, when I heard rumors that Logitech (the makers of the Google Tv devices) is being told by Google to halt production.  I almost died.  I didn’t get mine yet and I thought I was going to have to wait even longer to get one.  More after the break.

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SamSung Galaxy Tablet. Can Haz?

Ok, so i loooove my iPad but this thing looks freakin’ sweet.  Samsung held a press conference tonight to debut a couple of fancy new things.  One of those was the Samsung Galaxy tablet.  Ok well, they released it about a month ago. But this time they revealed there will be a WI-FI model….YAY! Lets check out some of the specs after the break. Continue reading

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